Bryan Briscoe Biography  

Bryan's art spans from representation to abstraction focusing on original nature and spirit topics. In his work you can find people and elements of nature, flora and fauna. He begins his work with a feeling, emotion or subject to elaborate.

Originally from the Chesapeake Bay of the eastern United States, he was born in San Diego California and moved around the country with his five siblings. Travel was common for him and his siblings because his dad serviced in the United State Navy until retirement.

Bryan had numerous sources of encouragement to pursue his artistic talent especially from his Mom and Dad. His High School art teacher, Mrs. Condran, also observed Bryan’s talent and urged him to enter the National Scholastic Art Contest in his sophomore year. He took her advice and placed finalist for his watercolor, “Snow Scene”. That same year Bryan also sold one of his first watercolor paintings, “Vase of Flowers”, to one of his Mom’s child care clients who noticed it on the wall.

During his junior and senior years, at Middletown Area High School, Bryan received two scholarships 1 to study printmaking and the other to study charcoal and pastel drawing. He studied Pastel and Charcoal drawing at York Academy of the Arts, (York Pennsylvania), and Printmaking at Harrisburg Community College, (Harrisburg Pennsylvania). Also during his final high school years he took a community watercolor class, in the Paxton Fire Station in Paxto PA., instructed by the late watercolor artist and community watercolor instructor, Mr. Petrasic. Mr. Petrasic helped to develop Bryan’s watercolor painting technical skills and use color mixing.
Before volunteering to serve in the United States Armed Forces in the US Army’s Delayed Entry Program, a community art completion was held by Bryan’s high school art teacher to find a permanent sculpture solution for the outside of his high school. Bryan participated along with his classmates and took first place for his entry “Reflections”, (three-part freestanding sculpture). It was constructed from wood metal, mortar and wire. Mrs. Condran encouraged Bryan to present “Reflections” to the City of Middletown, along with his classmate, in order to secure funding. During the work process Mrs. Condran gave Bryan advice and referred him to sources of information to produce a lasting sculpture. Then within a few weeks a grant was awarded to the Middletown Area High School Art Class to construct “Reflections” the summer of 1979.

Just after “Reflections” was completed, Bryan left for the US Army. He spent three years in the US Army as a supply and motor pool clerk and additionally produced graphics and posters for his battalion. In order to fulfill his creative drive, Bryan created original paintings and handmade sculptural pottery at the Fort Lewis Arts & Crafts Center. He also volunteered as the theater artist, at Chinook Theatre for the Performing Arts, at North Fort Lewis. While freely volunteering his creative talents and skills he produced large stage-set scenes and acrylic paintings. He was later compensated for his artwork. One memorable play was “Three Bags Full”. Bryan also illustrated the “The Actors”, and a main scene for the post newspaper.

In 1982, his last year of Military Service, the work Bryan produced for the Chinook Theater of Performing Arts was purchased as part of their permanent collection. Earlier that year he entered into The All Army National Art contest and received 2nd place, at the national level, for his watercolor painting, “Alto Dale Farm”, (Farm in Maryland painted partially in his car on a rainy day). It is part of the All Army National Art Museum Collection, in Alexandria Virginia. And “Black Bird”, a large acrylic painting, was his first place award at the Fort Lewis level of competition.

After serving in the Army Bryan was greatly encouraged by his brother, Michael, to study commercial art and gain art foundation. He studied Illustration and Graphic Design at Massachusetts College of Art. During his junior and senior years he worked as a security guard, produced original graphics, illustrations and watercolor and acrylic paintings for businesses; not-for-profits and art for collectors.

When the northeastern job market caved in, Bryan moved to Sarasota Florida from Boston Massachusetts in search of employment so he could continue to support his creative career as a fine artist, graphic designer and an illustrator.
While living in Sarasota, Bryan created large pastel drawings and acrylic paintings on commission. And exhibited his acrylic paintings, on request, at the Fulton-Burt Galleries, owned by his friend and emerging portrait artist Ms. Ross. One of his favorite pieces, a large acrylic painting, “Fruit Trees”, sold at the gallery the first few days of the show. “Fruit Trees” was created as a tribute to capture the look, feel and flavor of Florida’s fruit groves. It was created in acrylic paint in a naïve modern art style.

In the late 1990's Bryan moved to the Evergreen State of Washington where he taught a watercolor painting classes, encouraged by his Mother, friends and collectors. He also produced and exhibited his art.

By the early 2000’s Bryan produced, exhibited and sold watercolor modern-abstract paintings and in particular, the “Artist Inspiration” miniature watercolors, which came to fruition during his struggle with artist block and severe depression. “Artist Inspiration” was well received by the public because of the abstract-organic painterly quality he produced with color and space. In the work he fused his modern painting technique with his distinctive subconscious-driven aesthetic observations of nature and spirituality. In order to continue to develop and mature as an artist during his depression and artist block, Bryan strived to visually interpret his emotional attachment to nature and spirituality onto watercolor paper from his inner spirit into an immediate and deliberate spontaneous manner in paint and brush without reference to tangible visuals.

“I paint to interpret nature, people and all things that grow.”

In December of 2008 Bryan made the trek from Washington State back to the east coast, where his family had originated. He lives and produces art, eco-friendly garden spaces in the small town of Saranac, in the Northern Adirondack Park.

Art Shows:
One Man Show
North Country Cultural Center for the Arts Offsite Satellite
Gallery Arts Program
Valcour Imaging, Plattsburgh NY
October 2013-January 2014

One Man Show
Conroy’s Organics, Route 9, West Chazy NY
January2011-December 2012

One Man Show
Adirondack Soup Company, Plattsburgh NY
Spring 2008

Group Shows
“Community Art Showcase”, Lake Placid Center for the Arts, Lake Placid NY
April 22-May 7, 2010

Friends of the Library Foundation, Group Art Show, at Hale Walter Gallery, Plattsburgh Library, Plattsburgh NY,
January 8-March 31, 2010 and spring 2009

Senior Citizens Council of Clinton County,
Main Floor Gallery, Plattsburgh NY
January 2011-December 2012/2012 to present

Checker Hills Farm, Farmer Brown's Cafe, Group Show, Plattsburgh NY
November 22, 2009-May 31, 2010

Advocacy Resource Center, Artist for ARC Annual Group, Plattsburgh NY
October 2008, 2009 and 2010

Mountain Lake PBS Juried Art Auction
"Artist Inspiration No. 8", miniature original watercolor painting, auctioned and sold to support local PBS station shows in the spring of 2009, Mountain Lake PBS Live
Televised Arts Auction, Plattsburgh NY

Recently sold fine art limited prints/original works:
Pomegranate, Stephanie’s Dolls special limited edition; Abstract Landscape No. 2, Nun at the Market Place, Artist Inspiration No. 5, Artist Inspiration No. 8, Abstract Flower and Sun with Earth, Mt. Arenal Volcano, That Orange, Haymarket Yellers, Stephanie's Dolls, African Wildlife Series: Elephants and Gazelle and watercolor original Art Greetings.

Affiliations/Memberships: updates in progress
LARAC, Lower Adirondack Region Arts Council, 2018-2019
North Country Cultural Center for the Arts 2011-2019
Strand Center for the Arts 2015-2019
Rota Gallery and Art Space 2012-2013
Burlington City Arts 2012-2019
Senior Citizens Council of Clinton County 2012-2019
Adirondack Harvest 2012-2019
Adirondack Famers' Market Cooperative 2009-2019
City Market/Onion River Cooperative 2013-2019
Lake Placid Center for the Arts 2011-2016
Seattle Art Museum (SAM) 2005-2006
Seattle League of Arts (SLOFA) 2004-2007