Welcome back new and continuing community creatives!
I am looking forward to helping you create and paint in 2019!
Come to class and engage with other artists and crafters while producing in watercolors, acrylics and beginning drawing.  And learn how to effectively create and produce through efficient problem solving processes.  Enjoy my quick class painting demonstrations.  Bryan Briscoe has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Massachusetts College of Art; has instructed artists and crafters since 2004 on the east and west coast and specializes in techniques and painting.

Thanks for attending my art classes and supporting the arts last year.  For more infomation mail to be-art@wcclass.com

  2018 - 2019
drawing, watercolor & acrylic techniques and painting
fall-winter-spring classes

Community Classroom Objectives

Improve your quality of life

Build your artistic confidence

Facilitate peer-to-peer classroom engagement 

Improve your creative repertoire

Produce art work studies

Broaden your internal and external observation skills

Develop your artistic knowledge through concept work

Encourage experimentation with traditional and non-traditional art tools


Professional Art and Instruction Resume

  Affiliations and Memberships:  SCA, Strand Center for the Arts;  LARAC, Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council;
SCC, Senior Citizens Council of Clinton County and  BCA, Burlington Center for the Arts